Our Story

Our story is short and sweet. VERSA energy was started by PEScience (pescience.com) at the start of our 14th year in business. For years we have been getting endless customer and retailer requests for an energy drink. Why us? Because everyone has learned that we are the clear leaders in flavor.

Let's face it, most energy drinks are good for 1 sip, MAYBE 2 sips, but rarely more than 3 sips. The number of cans most people actually make it to the bottom to is few and far between.

We set out to change this. We told ourselves we would only create an energy drink if it was truly an order of magnitude above the rest in flavor. Otherwise, it just wasn't interesting for us.

We kept our formula simple, yet perfect. Enough caffeine (125mg) to get you energized, and for those who need a double on the day, you can drink 2 without consuming excessive caffeine.

We aren't looking to partner with candy juggernaughts to license their name on our cans to convince you to try it. We are going to rely on word of mouth instead. Give us a shot, and join our journey to build an energy drink from the ground up, brick by brick, all from the foundation of next-level flavors.